Articles by Stephanie Tilton, Ten Ton Marketing
11 Golden Rules for Lead Generation that Works
Effective lead generation requires strategic planning, a well-considered process, and continual attention.
Top 5 White-Paper Development Mistakes
White papers play an important role in moving prospects further along in the sales cycle. Avoid these top development mistakes
6 Steps to Successful Case Studies
Customer case studies can go a long way toward convincing prospects of the value of your company, solution, or service.
How to Write Effective Value Propositions
Is your sales force clearly articulating the benefits and results of using your products or services?

Stephanie Tilton has been immersed in the world of marketing for over 16 years, in roles as diverse as competitive analyst, marketing communications manager, and product marketing manager. Harnessing her unique blend of technical knowledge, marketing savvy, and writing skills, she has crafted winning communications for leading brands such as Akamai Technologies, EMC, Macromedia, Novell, SAP, and Symantec. Contact Stephanie directly at stilton@tentonmarketing.com or visit http://www.tentonmarketing.com for more information.