Articles by Jim Schakenbach, Managing Partner, SCT Group, Inc.
Marketing Communications: Focus on the Fundamentals First
The most critical, and perhaps most overlooked, fundamental is the general category of content. More than ever, content is king.
What makes a successful website?
Without content there is no website and any good site developer will tell you developing and maintaining informative, compelling, and valuable content can be one of the hardest parts of creating a website.
Continuity: Creating an Image Greater than the parts.
Today, marketing and advertising is all about branding, but in its early days it was known as positioning and a key element in the effort to establish a marketing identity is something called continuity.
An Entrepreneur's Guide to Successful Trade Press Coverage
Some wag once said
"Getting Found" Out There
It seems to be getting harder and harder to achieve visibility for your company without spending a lot of money, but it can be done. The trick is knowing how to
Avoiding "Inside Out" Thinking
Getting the Most Out of Your Web Site
The answer is both simple and difficult
Honing Your Pitch
Make it as simple and as compelling as possible.
Incubation and How it Applies to Marketing
But did you know that incubation also applies to marketing new products or services?
In Search of a Slogan
If you decide your company really could benefit from a slogan, you will need to employ ruthless discipline if you hope to create one with real meaning and substance.
What Sales Literature Do I REALLY Need?
In most cases, the answer is the indispensable
Trade Show Do's and Don'ts
By using these guidelines and a little common sense, you can turn even today
Writing Effectively
Before you hit
Continuity: Creating an Image Greater than the parts.
The Web
Selecting the Right Marketing Tools
"Which works better - print advertising or direct marketing?"  To a casual listener that seems like a logical question. But think about it for a moment.
Advertising and PR: What's the difference?
Two of the most commonly misunderstood terms in advertising and PR are, well, advertising and PR.
Evaluating Sales Channels: Getting ROI for your marketing communications
When your marketing communications is properly linked to your sales channel accountability with a ROI will follow.
Marketing Communications 101: Addressing Your Customer's Pain
It's no secret that one of the keys to a successful product or service introduction is the right message directed to the right market.
Product's Ready! Now What?
The moment of truth has arrived. You and your team have spent months - possibly years - researching, prototyping, and testing. Your innovation is finally ready for market. Now what? One of the most common mistakes high tech entrepreneurs make is not being prepared in advance for going to market.

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