Articles by Eric Slife, President
10 Management Mistakes to Avoid
Too many companies lose money because their sales management team continues to make the same preventable mistakes. These common mistakes result in poor sales performance.
It's Not in The Budget
This is probably the number one objection most salespeople have experienced the last two years, and it's not a smoke screen. What do you do when your prospects tighten their purse strings?
Please... Return My Call
Getting prospects to return your calls is one of the most frustrating problems you experience. If you keep calling, you appear desperate and annoying, so what do you do?
Your Best Investment
Investing in your employees and yourself is considerably less volatile than other investments, and more often than not will produce your greatest return.

Eric Slife is president of Slife Sales Training, Inc. They specialize in providing a comprehensive online sales training program that can be customized to fit a businesses sales team