Articles by Tony Cole, President & CEO, Anthony Cole Training Group
Create a 'No Excuses' Sales Environment
Remember, any reason that is given for a lack of performance other than a statement that begins with "I" is an excuse. Recognizing this is the first step to creating a 'no excuses' sales environment.
White Elephants on the Sales Call
How many times have you been on a sales call and knew that something was wrong, but lacked the sales courage to do anything about it?
Sales Commitment and Shadow of the Leader
People will do what they see the leader do, not what the leader says.
Sales Mission Complete
Yes, it might be a stretch to tie what happens at West Point to sales and selling, but not much of a stretch.
Convert More Appointments to Sales Opportunities with These 5 Questions
Here are 5 questions to help you accomplish the three "not complicated" steps in selling.
5 Smart Decisions to Selling Success
This is about individual sales professionals making a decision to take responsibility for their success
Rocks, To Do's and Intentions
Over the years, I've discovered that when sales people tell me that they have prospecting on their "to do" list, what they really are saying is that they "intend" to prospect.
Keep Doing, Start Doing, Stop Doing
Keep Doing, Start Doing and Stop Doing: What are those important issues for your firm?
Consistent Sales Growth
I'm sure that some of you are saying, "We have sales growth." I'm sure that you do. However, is it consistent?
Stop Quoting and Start Qualifying
Stop quoting and start finding sales prospects that fit the profile of your ideal client.
Are You Buff or Buffalo in Selling?
You want to become "sales buff"? If so, then you have to make sure you understand what it takes to be buff

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