Articles by Craig James, Founder, Sales Solutions
Creating Urgency
Let's start with what strategies we can employ to try to prevent a deal from slowing to a crawl.
Strategic Selling Skills
Use great questions, and you'll unlock the secrets to winning your prospect's confidence, and with it the keys to his kingdom.
Using E-mail to Rev Up Your Sales
Many of us use e-mail to more effectively convey a compelling message of why to do business with our company to people who are visual, not auditory
Get Inside Your Prospect's Head
When it comes to making a major purchase, buyers' decisions are influenced by numerous factors, many of which are not obvious
Conquer Your Fears
Now, while selling may not instill the same type or degree of fear as launching oneself off a cliff would, there are aspects of our profession where we find ourselves anticipating discomfort.
Are You Worth It?
Most prospects subconsciously undervalue what you're selling ("everything costs too much")
Escaping Voice Mail and E-Mail Purgatory
With the exception of cold calling, few aspects of sales are more distasteful than finding yourself chasing someone with whom you'd been actively engaged

Craig James is the founder of Sales Solutions, a sales consulting and sales coaching business. He has over 15 years' experience in sales and sales management, primarily in technology, software. He's helped dozens of sales people, business owners, and entrepreneurs sharpen their selling skills, and close more business, faster.  He can be reached at info@sales-solutions.biz, or toll-free at 877-862-8631.