Articles by Jim Sterne, Target Marketing of Santa Barbara
Virtual Press Box
Want coverage? Reserve a section of your site for information journalists need.
At Your Service
Service companies need a touch of ingenuity to make the Web work for them.
In Praise of E-Mail
E-mail is so simple -- and, at this point in the Internet's evolution, so familiar -- that you might be tempted to take it for granted. Don't. When deployed correctly, E-mail remains one of the most effective weapons in the marketer's arsenal.
The Feedback Loop Gap
Mountains of data are collected in your server logs every day. The assumption is that this information is generated to help you determine how well you're doing. Nice thought, but not the case.
Doing What Matters On The Home Page
Designing a fabulous home page is incredibly simple. So how come hardly anybody does it well?
The Right Impression
Advertising online is a lot like advertising elsewhere: It's easy to do poorly and hard to do well. A few tips on the latter.
How To Tell If Your Site Is Measuring Up
Expressing Your Brand Through E-Mail
Keeping in mind that every customer contact has an effect on your brand, it's time to pay close attention to the way most of us reach out and touch our customers - e-mail.

Jim Sterne has presented his unique perspective on Internet marketing at conferences around the world, and has lectured at the University of California, Stanford University, and MIT. He stays active as a public speaker and as a consultant, helping each client set internet marketing goals and determine customer relationship strategies. Please contact Jim Sterne at (805) 965-3184 or www.targeting.com to find out how his talents might help you achieve your marketing objectives.