Articles by Kendra Lee, President, KLA Group
Why Holidays Make a Great Occasion to Email Your Prospects
Smart sellers can use holidays as an occasion to reach out to their prospects via email
Cold Calling Perfection: Are You Hearing This?
So, how do you assess your cold call effectiveness? Record them.
How to Prospect With a Catalog of Products
How do you know what to tell prospects about when you have hundreds or more items available?
8 Tips for Increasing Your Email Prospecting Response Rate
Email prospecting can be a very effective way to reach key contacts and turn them into sales leads
Are you writing sales negotiation emails like prospecting emails?
Break the Email Delete Barrier
Email is one of the most effective ways to reach your prospects today.
How to Avoid Becoming a Digital Prospecting Lemming
Most sellers today prefer to send an email in an attempt to get in the door and secure an appointment.
The Prospecting Dilemma
You can solve your prospecting dilemma but elevating your conversation to one based on your expertise and ideas.
Get Proactive About Referrals
Once you take a proactive approach and make referral gathering part of your sales and account management process your team will get comfortable
No Voicemail = A Missed Opportunity
Leave a voicemail? Don't leave a voicemail? This is a question that sellers are passionate about. Many suggest not, but isn't that a missed opportunity?
Increase Attendance at Your Events with Social Networking
I find events to be one of the most effective strategies to uncover qualified leads. The people who participate choose to come because they're interested in your topic.
Increase Your Sales with Actionable Emails
Make your emails easy to respond to and you'll discover that both customers and prospects you're working with will respond more promptly and keep your sales process moving forward.
Cold Calling Isn't the Only Way to Get Prospects
Not many sellers like cold calling. Unfortunately, they think it's the only approach to prospecting, but it doesn't have to be that way.
When Sales Training Isn't Working
Insert the implementation conversation earlier in the instruction design process and watch how quickly sales behaviors change.
Create Email Subject Lines That Draw Prospects In
It's one of the most important keys to getting people to open your emails.
Fill Your Pipeline by Refining Your Referral Requests
Broaden your expectations to seek introductions to people who'll implement and appreciate your offerings like your best clients do.
Attract Prospects with Easy Web 2.0 Techniques
The Internet is my best friend for attracting new prospects. In a flash my name and an article I've authored have "gone viral"
Use Testimonials to Attract Prospects and Win Sales
Strong testimonials make prospects long to engage you - especially when times are tough and companies are cutting expenditures. They see you as the answer to their prayers.
Your Value is Like a Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie
If they love, love, love your consultative recommendations, advice, and observations they'll buy more and more.
Is Email Hiding Your Personality?
When you put yourself into your email, your chances of getting prospects to respond escalate. You stand apart from the other sellers who blend together as Inbox clutter.

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