Articles by Helen Berman
Overcoming Sales Objectives: Real life Scenarios
The focus of these scenarios is on exhibition booth sales, but it could be on any type of advertising media sale.
Integrated Marketing: The Client's Point Of View
Today's advertisers aren't simply interested in choosing the "best" magazine, Website or TV program for bringing their product to their end users.
The Integrated Media Sales Team
Now that publishers have spent years, even decades, training salespeople to sell the value of print, they're faced with having to sell something entirely different: multi-media advertising and marketing tools.
Free Added Value is Dead: Long Live For-Profit Integrated Media
With today's integrated media, the whole meaning of "value-added" has changed.
Sales Lessons From... My Parrot
Getting the upper hand with my mischievous, wily bird companion is a lot like gaining control of a sales call.
Sales Lessons From... My Tennis Coach
What works for tennis, I've found, often works for sales.
Listen Your Way Into Better Selling
Once we apply patience and insight to the sales process, however, we'll find soon enough that we won't have to chase our clients. Eventually, they'll come to us.
"Personality" Makes The Sale
All of us in sales are really in the personality business.
To Sell Your Advertiser, Look To Your Editor
To sell the value of their product, every salesperson needs to convey what's special, unique and different about that product.
Using Data in the Right Context To Sell More Advertising
Unless you put that data in context, you'll never turn it into information that your client and understand and act on.

An exciting speaker and inspiring sales mentor, Helen Berman has appeared at dozens of media conferences and seminars worldwide, in addition to writing popular sales columns for Folio and Expo magazines. She's also written the two-volume book, Ad Sales: Winning Secrets of the Magazine Pros and is working on a new book, Integrated Media Sales: Beyond the Page, Beyond the Banner. To contact Helen directly, call 310-230-3899 or learn more online www.helenberman.com