Articles by Naseem Javed, President, ABC Namebank
Islamic Hotel Branding & Muslim Hospitality
Islamic Hotel Brand concepts to accommodate billions of Muslims is not any different then the current western hotels or what we may call for a minute a Christian Hospitality experience.
What Does The London 2012 Olympic Logo Prove?
There is an increased numbness of today's global consumers to overly-burdened, noisy advertising. This twisted and created hype that is often labeled as logo-driven branding exercises would eventually shut off the minds of future customers.
Theme-Based Real Estate Branding
The real-estate branding in the Middle East is at an elementary stage. Now with intense competition it is going to jump out from all kinds of generic and dictionary name-identities to an advanced stage of proper world-class corporate nomenclature.
Barbarians At The Gate
What is in store for the future of United States with a weak science and math education policy PLUS a  immigration policy that rejects engineering and science graduates and foreign professionals who seek to enter the US ?
The World's Largest Office
As the free-floating, nonrestrictive nature of streamlined internet access and efficiency continue to grow, the internet community will slowly render the traditional functionality of the office obsolete.
The SME Revolution Starts in Dubai and GCC
The Middle East is now a new turning point for SME
When Will Google
It is time to take a look at the consequences the every day word used around the globe 'Google"
Come Fly With Me ... the Air Google Way
Air Google makes it possible to inspect vacation destinations, conduct market research, spy, carry out competitive surveillance, hunt for a job, trade property, study ecologies, jog trails and fish streams, among at least a million other things -- virtually.
E-Commerce Branding: The Big Challenge of 2006
If your company is serious about e-commerce, you should formulate a management task force to review your approach as a critical boardroom-level issue.
Circular Marketing
We are being forced to re-design to a new level of micro-nization of business units, a wireless-izing of mass communication and a voip-izing of populace conversations in marketplaces, under a massive globalization with highly localized customization to fit the demands of consumers.
Winners, Losers of Corporate Image 2005
The big winners had the Right Story with the Right Image; the others had The Right Story but a very poor Image and struggled to make it work.
Stinky Branding
Sounds very sensory, but in reality, it
When TV Surrenders to Web
As long as the flow of information shifts from the old model of "from one to many" to "from many to one," the current TV and print model will crumble
The Winners and Losers of the Internet Break-Up
If there were a major split or a major breakdown of the Internet then whom would be the real beneficiaries?
The World's Largest Factory
Welcome to the event. Here extreme manufacturing meets extreme consumption.
When Will The Internet Be Divided Among Nations?
Other countries want their own Internet too, with its own domain registration policies.
Customers Are Color Blind
In today's e-commerce age companies to realign their thinking 
Accidental Naming
When creative concepts collide unexpectedly, this sudden accident incubates a branding process, which can result in a random selection of a weird strategy.
Is Your Brand Worth Billions?
Is your brand valuation worth a billion dollars today? Maybe not, but it surely is worth something pretty big.
The Mysteries And Future Of Websites
Websites have just completed a full circle of a hard struggle, and somehow survived where other traditional marketing tools and old principals failed big time.
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Naseem Javed, author of Naming for Power and also Domain Wars is recognized as a world authority on Name Identities and Domain Issues and he is the President of ABC Namebank ( www.abcnamebank.com ) with offices in New York & Toronto. e-Mail him your URLs or current business names for a complimentary evalution. This analysis is serious business, so please identitfy your job title and background information on your company and the use of that name. All correspondence is confidential. e-mail: nj@njabc.com