Articles by Naseem Javed, President, ABC Namebank
We Live in a World of Image Supremacy
Over 200 nations are currently engaged in the struggle of image superiority on the global stage.
Brand New World of 100,000 Dot Brand TLD's
The Internet, ever so fluid and free platform, has become the world's most intricate structure.
The GTLD Opera
Let's peek into their performance as they start taking center stage.
Creative Vertigo: The Spin of the ICANN Branding Revolution
The word GTLD has been added to the hardcore lexicon of global branding. Why is this new spin causing vertigo to some?
The Quick Demise of Qwikster - ICANN gTLD Approach
Today, each serious marketer has to come to grips and selective abandon the traditional education over mastering the new emerging platforms
How much for that ICANN gTLD?
Is $185,000 the right price for a single gTLD? No, it's definitely not.
The gTLD Metamorphosis
The cocooned GTLD has started to spread its wings, soon it will show its color and become a butterfly
Global-Image-Cyber-Warfare - the gTLD weaponry
In the 90s, when the first generation of early domain names provided cutting edge weaponry it changed the global landscape forever
Power Play of Name Evaluation
Today's biggest question of image expansion is not how and where you got your name from, but rather if it is still producing
The Big Bang of Business Naming
Suddenly some explosively positive and futuristically pragmatic policies about the Internet and global e-commerce are creating amazing galaxies of business naming.
Why Corporate Images Are On Fire?
Today, no matter how big or small the name-identity, it must face some of the principle Laws of Corporate Naming
The Bid For Dubai's Cyber-Rights
ICANN suggestions of auctions creating the billion dollar domain babies is very problematic, as in each country there are always some gizzillionaires that want to cherry pick the top brand name identities
The Positive "R" words
The previous recessions have clearly taught us some very valuable lessons, as this time around, the application of the right game plan may offer you a winning streak.
The Domain Exchange
A powerhouse name on universal cyber space is a sure bet to get the customer's attention.
The Presidential Branding
These days, the know-how of Presidential branding is as important as the keys to the White House itself.
The Balancing Acts of National Image
The global shifts on image repositioning are causing minor quakes throughout various continents as brand new landscapes are erupting
The Big Green Paint Job
The question is, should corporations and producers of hardcore toxins simply hide behind sing-song, spinning green logos, or should they firmly stand up to the challenge and embrace the tough environmental questions?
Lost in Global Translation?
What are customers around the world saying about the new booming Middle Eastern brands? Which ones can they pronounce, type and remember easily?
The Haunted America
Currently, it seems that this home of the American nation has started to resemble that old mansion, elegantly pristine but known to be haunted
Is E-Voting the Next Wonder of the World?
Just when you thought the massive influx of cell phones were settled as simple pocket devices for calling, a new function emerges, making each phone a portable-voting-booth.

Naseem Javed, author of Naming for Power and also Domain Wars is recognized as a world authority on Name Identities and Domain Issues and he is the President of ABC Namebank ( www.abcnamebank.com ) with offices in New York & Toronto. e-Mail him your URLs or current business names for a complimentary evalution. This analysis is serious business, so please identitfy your job title and background information on your company and the use of that name. All correspondence is confidential. e-mail: nj@njabc.com