Articles by Ken Wisnefski, President, VendorSeek.com
Blogs vs. Articles
When and for what purposes do you compose blogs and articles? Both are considered content and will increase your visibility online, but there are differences in their use and orchestration.
Web Marketing Know How
What methods to you use to market online?  There are many ways to use the Web to attract attention
Where to Get Funding for Your Small Business
You are thinking about starting your own business.  How do you get funding for your venture?
Make it Your Business to Blog
Are you effectively taking part in the blog community? Regularly participating in blogs can be used as an effective marketing tool.
Get in the Media
Is there such a thing as getting "enough" media coverage? The answer is no. It is a priority to make the headlines and to do it often.
Create a Press Kit for your Business
Does the public know about your business?  It is important to organize a press kit relating important details about your business including statistics, your ideology, contact information, etc.
How to be Stress Free at Work
Having trouble relaxing or being productive at work?  You are not alone.  Many distractions and deterrents may occur at work, but there are always solutions.
Writing a Press Release
What  is new with your company?  Writing a press release informs the public and provides an opportunity for your business to attract more attention.
The Tangled Web of Online Marketing
Who is in control of online marketing?  The advertiser?  The buyers?  Is it the Web?!
Why You Should Think About What Others Think of You
What does the image of your business look like from the inside and outside?  It is important to promote the right image starting from the inside of your business in order for it to radiate outwards.
Use Video to Enhance your Web site and Business
How are you catching the attention of consumers? Content is king on the Web, but content can come in many forms.
Building a Resource Center to Gain Acclaim
What are you offering your customers along with your goods/services? Consumers appreciate information they can gather about the goods and services they intend to purchase.
Use Social Media Sites to Improve your Ratings
Sites need traffic coming to their site.  There are services such as search engine optimization and pay-per-click, but they can become expensive.  Social media sites are viewed everyday by mass numbers.  They can be leveraged in order to bring a lot of browsers to your site.
Many Hands Build the Brand
Is there anyone in the world who looks for information on the Web and has never heard of Google?  Did you ever think of why?
Using Technology As Leverage To Improve Sales
Effective use of the technology available today will keep your business on the cutting-edge and produce more sales.
The Growing Prevalence of Online Sales
E-commerce is becoming a universe in of itself. There are new sites being flowed on the Net every second and there seems to be no signs of an ebb
Deaths of a Salesman: The Extinctions and Resurrections of Willie
The entity of sales has tried on many shoes through the years, as it has tried to keep with the times.

Kenneth C. Wisnefski is the president of VendorSeek.com, an online business to business marketplace that connects business consumers with pre-approved vendors in over 150 different categories. VendorSeek.com has over 5,000 vendors in their Approved Vendor Network and processes close to 10,000 requests per month from businesses of all sizes.