Articles by Michelangelo Celli, President, The Cornucopia Group
CEO: Marketing is Not Advertising
Your marketing strategy in a really important way actually is your business strategy.  Advertising is a tactical way to progress toward your strategic objective
Lean Marketing
Consider six sigma and other lean manufacturing concepts to bring more science to the problems of improving the sales process and measuring marketing
CEO Dashboard Management
Why creating visual reports you can
Marketing Is Not A Cost - A CEO Who Doesn't Understand Marketing Is!
Why is it that so many CEOs and their management teams are still approaching marketing from the position that it is a cost?
The True 4 P
Once you are done saying precisely why you are better (in a credible fashion, thank you very much), then you have to get on with actually being better.
Establishing Customer Relevance Drives Sales, Spells Relief
Companies that are succeeding in the marketing war right now are focused on strengthening customer relevance first by methodically and systematically understanding the full customer need
Dropping the Ball
CEOs need to develop focus and vision where it makes the most sense, because it's impossible to catch a ball that you can't even see.

Michelangelo Celli is President of The Cornucopia Group, where he works exclusively with CEOs of privately-held b2b companies that sell expensive products or services and whose sales depend on strong customer relationships to allow them to systematically develop more predictable outcomes from their marketing and sales efforts. To find out more, visit The Cornucopia Group Web site at www.cornucopiagroup.com