Articles by Linda Richardson, CEO, Richardson
Coaching One Thing at a Time
Try the developmental approach of coaching on one or two things at a time, focusing each time on a priority and setting a specific action step to follow up on.
Cross-selling: A Management Perspective
Cross-selling helps customers feel more partnership with your organization and helps you gain a bigger share of your customers' business.
The Art of Self-Coaching
All told, it is critically important for all Reps to take control of their own development. Only you can truly commit to changing your skills
Conference Calls: Building Remote Sales Teams
Phone meetings are a helpful, effective way to connect people and share best practices.
Rethink How You Open
Although it takes a small amount of time, you create the foundation of the entire call with your opening.
Be Strategic About References
An excellent reference can tip the scales in a competitive situation in your favor and a bad or not stellar reference can cost you the deal.
Negotiating The Final Trade
Almost everyone has done it - and regretted it.  At the end of a hard (or not so hard) negotiation when the negotiation is 99% there, many of us have made an unwarranted and costly concession.
Relationships With Inactive Clients
Most salespeople work hard to find business, identify new prospects, and close the deals that are in the pipeline.  As much as salespeople truly want to sell, it is surprising how few keep track of inactive and/or former clients. 
Final Presentations, The Finish Line
After days or weeks of preparation, after a strong presentation, don't drop the ball as you near the finish line.  How you follow up after your sales presentation will help you get across the line.
Discussing vs. Sending Price
In addition to connecting price to value, to help you justify your pricing there are a few more guidelines to follow when it comes to positioning pricing:  don't just send it, consider how you position it.
Cross-Selling Across Divisions
Everybody knows it is easier to sell to a current client than a prospect. Cross-selling increases the ties that bind and build loyalty. Cross-selling reduces vulnerability.
Asking The Tough Questions
Knowing how to finesse potentially intrusive questions so that you are comfortable asking them and clients feel good about answering is an invaluable skill.
The Agenda Question
At best, without the Agenda Question, many hard-earned first calls (and other calls) become "I'll get back to you"  meetings vs. calls that keep the momentum going.
Turning Administative Assistants (AAs) Into a Competitive Advantage
Like all of us, AAs appreciate recognition. Praise them to help win them over and give credit where credit is due.

Linda Richardson, founder and CEO, of Richardson a global sales training company, author of nine best selling sales books, and faculty member at the Wharton School, is the driving force behind the Richardson sales curriculum. visit www.richardson.com or call 215.940.9255.