Articles by Tom Brown, CEO, Power Decisions Group
Think of Your Brand as A Person
When you, as a brand decision-maker, take this viewpoint, you will begin to think differently about your brand.  You will think more about nurturing it, rather than managing it.
Owning a New 'Market Space' or Product Category
In additon to all these important brand management functions, I suggest searching for category-building options among your markets, products, and targeted segments.
Brand Death : Three Brands that Died and Why
The question for business strategists is "what happened?" How did such a dominant leading car brand get sick and die?
Strategy Guidelines and the Healthwise Case
What makes a great strategy? Here
Creating a Strategic Opportunity Mindset During Hard Times
While the employment rate is showing signs of improving somewhat, the fact is that
Decision Mapping - A Fast, Low Cost Start to Strategy Decisions
Decision Mapping is a way of thinking, and a set of tools. While not intended as a complete strategy-building process, it's an efficient first step to get into action.
Ten Critical Tips and Tools About Market Research for Strategy Decisions
Do you want to increase sales, or boost your position in a target audience? Can you quickly use marketing research tools to achieve that singular goal? You sure can, and here

Solid strategic intelligence delivers better decisions. Tom Brown, founder of Power Decisions Group, helps clients make important market, product, branding and market entry and repositioning decisions using his straight-forward Decision Pathway model and well-conceived marketing research to quickly move clients to decision points and be faster and smarter in the marketplace. An MBA from UC Berkeley-Haas, Tom counts among his clients many Fortune 500, and mid-sized companies in financial services, manufacturing, technology, and health care.