Articles by Ernest Nicastro, Positive Response
How Empty Words Can Cripple Your Sales Copy
Nothing will hold the attention of your reader and advance your selling proposition as well as specific and meaningful benefit-oriented copy.
Lincoln, Mark Twain & Lightning: Choice Words On Word Choice
Follow these recommendations and while your words might not make history, they will be duly noted, better remembered - and most importantly, more effective.
How to Win Over the "Man in the Chair": Salesmanship, Repetition, and Direct Mail
In a classic business-to-business print ad from the late 50's for McGraw-Hill Magazines an imposing looking executive sits in his chair.
5 Tips For Writing A "Good-Looking" Sales Letter That Produces Profitable Results
Do looks matter to you? If you're like most people...
Write On The Money: The Ten Commandments (Plus Five) Of Highly Profitable Sales Letter Writing
Every year U.S. direct mail marketing efforts pull in hundreds of billions of dollars in sales and charitable donations.
How To Get Your Prospect To Open Your Mail
Unless your prospect opens the envelope all your hard work in preparing the mailer will go for naught.
The "Marshall Plan" For Customer Aftercare: How To Spend Less & Sell More
My wife likes to shop at the local Safeway. Is it because of the competitive prices? Yes, that's part of it ; Is it because of the convenient location? Yes, that too. But the biggest reason she likes to shop at the local Safeway is "Marshall."
Five Deadly Sales Letter Mistakes
To be effective your sales letter must be opened, read, believed and acted upon. In order to do this it must attract attention, warm the interest of the reader and create a desire for what you're offering

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