Articles by Steve Hoffman, President and CEO, Hoffman Marketing Communications, Inc.
Who Else Benefits from Reading Your White Papers?
Organizations typically target white papers to a defined external audience. However, organizations can also use white papers to educate and inform a broad array of secondary audiences.
Effective Sales Presentations: Advancing the Sales Cycle
Here are proven methods for ensuring that your sales team is armed with the content they need to win deals.
Competitive Information and Sales Guides: What Sales Forces Need to Win
Sales guides often paint a too-rosy view of the company's competitive position, or contain insufficient and/or outdated competitive information. Find out how such competitive information sets up a sales force to lose, what sales people need to win, and how to package information in ways that your sales force finds useful.
Top Six Sales Guide Mistakes
Most companies spend their marketing budgets generating market awareness, but precious little equipping their sales force with the knowledge to sell. And in today's economy, selling is anything but easy. That's why developing effective sales guides is so critical.
Creating White Papers that Drive Sales
Too often, white papers are disconnected from real-world sales contexts and inadvertently, they address topics that neither sales people nor prospective buyers find useful.
The Top Five Ways to Develop an Objective, Informative White Paper
White papers too often fall short of their fundamental purpose of informing their audience with useful, in-depth information
Case Study Outline
While no single case study outline is applicable to all situations, we have developed this outline as a starting template for development of business case studies.
How to Write a Case Study
While case study writing may seem easy at first glance, developing an effective case study (also called a success story) is an art.
Top Seven Reasons to Write Success Stories
In a business context, managers and technical professionals alike respond to the power of example, which is the essence of a business success story.
Addressing Common Objections to Writing Case Studies
Our definition of a case study is "a marketing document that provides a compelling case for a business solution using the power of example."

Steve Hoffman is President and CEO of Hoffman Marketing Communications ( www.hoffmanmarcom.com ), a firm that specializes in developing white papers for leading technology companies around the word. He can be reached at 408.778.5664 or by email at info@hoffmanmarcom.com