Articles by Mercedes Alfaro, President, First Impression Management
Having Good People Skills Will Enhance Your Career
When you master your people skills you will discover the benefits of building rapport with others.
Dressing Casual?
If business casual is your dress code, its imperative you strive for is a well-coordinated, finished look that has style,
Hone Your Listening Skills To Boost Your Career
Good listening is crucial to effective communication and career success.
Common Mistakes When Hosting a Business Meal
No aspect of a professional presence is as highly visible as when you host a business dining event.
Business Protocols and Etiquette Abroad
The world has changed dramatically and now it is no longer a nicety to have international etiquette training but a necessity to succeed.
Business Manners: an Important Ingredient to Success
I keep hearing more and more from top executives that people skills are very important, in many cases even more important than technical skills.
Using Impression Management to Excel in Your Career
Having well-rounded socializing skills are not an option, but a necessity of business life.

Mercedes Alfaro is president and founder of First Impression Management, a national business etiquette training and consulting firm, helping individuals to excel in all aspects of their professional presence, online at www.firstimpressionmanagement.com or at 561-395-0256