Articles by Erwin Ephron
How People Sense Media : The Use and Limitations of Eyeballs and Ears
There is an open battle for the eyes and ears of consumers... and a silent battle for their hearts and minds.
Attentiveness Seems to Have Grown another Head
The brain is too much fun to be pirated by apologists for failed advertising and that's what they're trying to do.
Why Isn't TV More Upfront?
If you work TV, you bad-mouth the Internet and vice-versa. It
Cosmology is as Confused as Advertising.
The Minute That Took Most of a Year
It started as a simple data fix. Analysis has shown the program minute is not a good proxy for the commercial minute.
The Open Mind: Why Neuroscience May Not Save Advertising
Time flies and with it certainty. Or to make it personal, the older you get the less you know for sure.
Who Watches the Watchers? Nielsen's new commercial minute ratings don't
Research makes for bad conversation. It
A Message From Cannes
The Bent Acronym
Scrambled Letters from the Internet
Preventing Dis-Engagement
Desperate times bring desperate measures. Royal Philips Electronics recently patented a device that would force viewers to watch commercials by locking the channel when ads run.
Preventing Dis-Engagement
Isn't the Obvious Problem Too Many Commercials.
Floating High and Empty : Do Our Words Say More Than We Mean?
Words have been described as the skins of ideas. But many of our most impressive words are more like balloons, floating high and empty.
The Reality Show of Research: Ethnography gets Answers without Asking
Today only a fraction of the people approached agree to cooperate in our surveys, so the basis of probability sampling is violated. We hide the fault by ignoring the problem.
A Handicappers Dream: Using PPM Patterns to help buy Radio Diary Markets is a License to Steal
PPM gives radio buyers an opportunity to beat the market right now. And that is what good buying is about.
Want Engagement? Make a More Engaging Ad
Engagement Explained
"Engagement" is more than a search for accountability. It is a cry for help
Sleeping With the Enemy
Competitive Clutter is a Fact of Life. Why Not Try to Use It?
The Song of the Siren
Their song was irresistible. It promised success, ripe wisdom and a new life to any man who came to them
The Ivory - Billed Nit Picker
I am an agency media researcher by training which today seems akin to being an endangered species without government protection.
Delivering The Message
How Consumer Involvement Flows from Magazine Content to Advertising.
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Erwin Ephron is an authority on advertising and the father of "recency planning." His fresh ideas about how ads work today have changed the way campaigns are planned throughout the world. Erwin