Articles by Erwin Ephron
Frequency's Second Chance
In the early years of Television, advertising was thought to work the way teaching did - through frequent repetition.
Have We Over-Complicated Our Measurement Systems?
Today's marketers can't believe that anything true and useful about marketing can be simple.
Research and The Religious Right
There's is no certainty in survey research, only probability samples. And hasn't been one of those in decades.
Sitting On The Shelf
The Recency model accepts that repetition builds brand familiarity, but says advertising actually helps to make the sale
Clothes May Make Them Mad Men, But We Still Called Them "Suits"
The mad men of the 60's and 70's looked more like Woodstock than Brooks Brothers
Do Ads Increase Audience?
With each attempt to explain how advertising works we seem to grow more confident.
CPM and Cost-Per-Point are not the same
The recent industry proposal that spot media change from a cost-per-point to a cost-per-thousand currency measure ignores important differences
How PPM Could Rescue Radio
There are many things machines do far better than people. In media the robotic Radio PPM compared to the all too human diary is a good example.
Comfort the Afflicted, Afflict The Comfortable
This is about Carl Ally, the agency that fired clients and often thought that advertising deserved a life of its own. These memories are dedicated to Carl.
Recounting Radio: What Do the New PPM Numbers Mean?
PPM is the only media measurement that doesn't over-count audience. It reports hearing for Radio.
Listen While You Work - Higher Income Shoppers Hear More Radio
Higher incomes, higher gas prices and busy schedules make the at-work Radio listener a unique and valuable consumer.
George Rents A Suit
I've tried to capture what it was like to work at a small agency in the 1960'S where creative was king, media did dishes and a suit meant the client.
Data Is The New Creative: Whatever Happened to People?
David Verklin says now data is the new creative, and I'm afraid that's true.
Grabbing Media By The Tail
Forget the celebrity smile. This year's iconic body part is the long tail.
Nielsen's New Fused Data May Be a Better Way to Target Television
We should be asking "is using fusion better than what we are currently doing?"  It probably is. 
Chaos Isn't For Sissies: It Means Changing Our Plans
To me Chaos is a confusing jumble of all sorts of interesting and dodgy things - and what better describes the media world today?
Two Plus Two Is Four
We all know dyslexia is a difficulty with words, but few of us are aware of dyscalculia which is a difficulty with numbers.
The So, So, Sophists
The bold headline caught my eye: "Why Ratings No Longer Matter." Since that is the research equivalent of "God is dead," I read on, trembling.
When Belief Trumps Reason Can it Still be Research?
For the last four years we have spent big money and countless hours in the search for engagement. Every major advertiser has asked how their messages might be made more engaging
The Brittle Bones of Media
Why Reach isn't Reach any more

Erwin Ephron is an authority on advertising and the father of "recency planning." His fresh ideas about how ads work today have changed the way campaigns are planned throughout the world. Erwin