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Sales Strategies
The Fear and Loathing of Sales Training
By Dave Stein, CEO, ES Research Group

Not enough companies have learned how to employ sales training as a strategic tool.  Those that have are leaders in their industries.

Few VPs of sales use their own, differentiated sales methodology and strategic, ongoing sales training as a strategy to gain and maintain competitive advantage.  There are a host of reasons for that, as you will see. You will also notice that the responsibility for employing this strategy effectively lies with both the companies seeking help as well as those providing it.

The Challenge

In a study conducted of VPs of sales, HR organizations, Chief Learning Officers, and training directors across a broad sampling of industries completed in the last quarter of 2005, ES Research Group (ESR) found that 41% of respondents said that their companies did not use any sales methodology at all or, alternatively, employed a

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