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10 Proven Tips to Land the Sales Job You Really Want
By Dave Stein, CEO, ES Research Group

Good News & Bad News for the Sales Professional.

I see the job situation gradually improving. Companies are hiring, because executives in many industries are optimistic. They are also more willing than ever before to let go of underperformers and look for better talent. At the same time, sales professionals are moving around more than ever before, changing jobs, looking for a better career opportunities and greater earning potential.

There is good news and bad news. The good news is that good salespeople are landing better jobs than they had--jobs with higher pay potential and with the promise of career advancement based on achievement of performance goals. Direct sales is a good place to be right now. Why? It pays very well and, as far as I can see, direct selling jobs can't be outsourced overseas.

There is bad news for many who are seeking out a new job in sales. Just as buyers have gotten better at buying, many managers and executives have gotten considerably better at hiring. Having been through the experience and cost of hiring the wrong people, possessing a higher degree of accountability and putting more focus on effectiveness and productivity, they are more determined to do it right.

I spend a fair amount of time assisting companies hire the right sales people. We don

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