Public Speaking - The Value Equation
By Olin Thompson, Process ERP Partners

Are you calculating all the factors when you determine the value of a  public speaking opportunity ?

Speaking at public forums (conferences, seminars and forums held by independent organizations, trade associations, professional and industry trade groups, and academic institutions) gives a person and their company exposure and credibility. Speaking at public forums has proven to gain more business, through increased awareness of the company and specific subject.

When judging the potential value of a speaking opportunity, we all think about the audience.  We consider who and the size.  We think about the percentage of the audience who are in our target market.  We think about the roles and titles of the audience.  Of course, we think about the size of the audience.  Understanding the audience helps give us an understanding of the value of the speaking opportunity.  However, we typically do not understand or even see the total value of the opportunity. 

The value of speaking opportunities can be derived from many sources.  Although showing up and speaking at the event is valuable, a number of potentially higher value opportunities exist.

Name in the Brochure - Most speaking engagements include promotion by the organization sponsoring the event.  If the sponsoring organization includes the speaker

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