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Tradeshow Success Starts with a Plan
By Debra Murphy, Masterful Marketing

This article helps you develop a trade show marketing plan that ensures your time spent at the show brings in quality leads that result in sales.

Tradeshows are great venues for generating qualified leads and super opportunities to meet existing and potential customers face-to-face and talk with them about your products and services in a very informal environment. Trade shows can be very effective, or of little use; it all depends on how you develop and execute the plan.

The Components of a Trade Show Plan

A trade show is not a singular event where you set up a display, gather business cards and go home. It is one component of an entire marketing process of integrated activities that begins weeks before the show and ends a couple of weeks after the show. These activities can include direct marketing, Internet marketing, and advertising. It requires a creative theme that highlights your product and/or service

Debra Murphy is founder of Masterful Marketing, a marketing coaching firm that empowers small business owners and independent professionals to take control of their marketing to get better results. She helps you change how you think about your business and put activities into motion that attract your ideal client. She started Masterful Marketing to ensure small business owners had access to the knowledge available to larger companies so they could live their dreams and build a business around their passions. Although her knowledge of marketing covers all the traditional channels, she specializes in online and social media marketing to make sense of it all to those who want to use it to effectively market their businesses.

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