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Sales Strategies
Knowing Your Prospect
By Olin Thompson, Process ERP Partners

Others play a part in all your deals.Your job is to understand who will play a part, what their relative impact on the deal will be and how, where possible, to influence the influencers.

A prospect is listening to many different people at the same time.  While you are doing your best to influence the decision, the prospect sees you as only a single input to decision-making.  Prospects listen to many, with each type of influence having a different degree of trust and therefore of influence.  Understanding where you stand and how to influence the influencers can help you win.

Trust Is Critical

Everyone has outside influencers, think about who can influence you.  The influencing person or organization must have knowledge of the subject but more importantly, must have your trust.  This applies to a vendor attempting to sell a product or service, but also any other source of information.  Trust is critical.

As a vendor, you must build trust before you can influence the decision makers. Other influencers come with built-in trust.  As sales people, you have limited or no ability to alter the trust or credibility inherent in these influencers.  You must learn how to use the influencer

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