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Management Insights
Leading Your Workforce During Times of Terrorism
By Gregory P. Smith, President, Chart Your Course International

10 Steps Management can use to "TAKE CHARGE" of your employees during these difficult times. It could shape the future of your company.

As the national election and the third anniversary of 911 approaches, the workforce has been on an emotional roller coaster. People have fallen to terrible lows of fear, anger, and frustration, risen to mountain top experiences of patriotism, and fallen again. On and on it goes. While no one knows when the threat of terrorism will end, one fact is indisputable: the out-of-control emotions of our employees will have an impact on our organizations. How can business leaders lead in the wake of this situation?

No two people will respond to these events in exactly the same way. Some may seem unaffected, others may exhibit cynicism, and still others may react in dramatic ways.

Management has a critical role to play in these uncertain times; indeed, how managers treat their employees today will continue to resonate tomorrow. Managers need a strategy for helping their people and organizations get through the current crisis. Greg Smith offers the following 10 steps

Gregory P. Smith, author of The New Leader, and How to Attract, Keep and Motivate Your Workforce. He speaks at conferences, leads seminars and helps organizations solve problems. He leads an organization called Chart Your Course International located in Conyers, Georgia. Phone him at (770)860-9464 or email More information is available at

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