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Event Marketing
Determining Visitor Types
By Susan Friedmann, The Tradeshow Coach

As an exhibitor your observation and questioning skills will be your key to determining who may be a viable sales prospect.

1. Definites.  If you have done a thorough job of preshow marketing, definite prospects and customers will visit your booth.

2. Demonstration Junkies.
  Watch out for passers-by who are attracted to your booth by a demonstration or other activity.  These could be valuable prospects or time wasters.  Ask a few short, open-ended questions to find out.  

3. Curiosity Cats.
  These types could be curious about anything

Susan Friedmann, works with organizations who want to boost their exhibiting results by attracting new business at tradeshows. She designs and implements strategies for show organizers and exhibitors. She can be reached at 518.523.1320, on the web or by email

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