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Sales Strategies
Sales Objections and The Role of Marketing
By Olin Thompson, Process ERP Partners

Objection handling is a key sales skill.  If a prospect has no objections, the prospect either doesn

Objection handling is considered by many to be one of the most important skills in sales. 

Sales people must be ready and able to address objections; marketing must enable sales to respond to sales objections by providing answers and tools. 

For any one company and product, few objections exist. We may hear those objections in many different ways, but a high percentage of objections will boil down to a small list. It is critical to ascertain two aspects of these objections:  how important are they to the prospect and how difficult are they to answer effectively. 

The objection is important to the prospect if the answer can move the deal in one direction or the other.  A good answer will move you ahead; a poor one will lose you ground to the competition.  Some objections are difficult to answer effectively--for example, the answers may be complex or require significant technology knowledge.

Ascertaining the importance and the difficulty of an objection will prepare us to think about different types of objections and the responses that will nullify them.  We can divide objections into four main categories.

Critical Objections

The most important and most difficult objections require the most attention, as they are critical to your success.  A good answer will help your efforts, but doing a good job on a difficult question is by definition not easy. A company and its sales people must take these objections seriously.    Since the answers are difficult to deliver, a sales tool must be developed to provide a clear and concise answer.  The sales tool may be a white paper, a brochure or a page on the company web site.  The sales tool will allow management to confer with sales, marketing, and others to develop the best answer.  The sales tool will insure that the best answer is delivered consistently.  It will eliminate the need for individual sales people to spend a great deal of time understanding the issue, crafting an answer and delivering it, thereby using the company

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