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Why Most People Avoid Cold Calling
By Mark Sanford, PhD

Often, procrastinators avoid taking action that would reveal their abilities, skills or intellectual competence. They hide out in other activities rather than cold calling. As William James once said: "With no attempt, there can be no failure; with no failure, there's no humiliation."

Mary Lou, an insurance agent, finds it is very easy bone-up on her product knowledge by reading journals and newsletters instead of cold calling. Brian finds himself giving in to the impulse to write proposals for prospective clients rather than picking up the phone and cold calling. Jack, a real estate agent, reviews the MLS catalogs to make sure he knows of all new listings that might be of interest to his buyers... but he does this instead of doing the cold calling he KNOWS will get him sales.

Ever feel like Mary Lou, Brian or Jack? You want to do more cold calling, you know it will get you more prospects, and you know it will make you more money, but you just don

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