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Putting More of Your "Self" into Your Cold Calls
By Mark Sanford, PhD

To disclose more of your inner-self in cold calls is almost always based on a lack of confidence in your own value.

Only feedback from the real world that corrects this mistaken belief will give you the self-acceptance that will encourage more such self-expression. So why not try it?

At first blush, cold calling a perfect stranger might seem very anonymous and quite unfriendly. But, you can easily "warm-up" your cold calling sessions by putting more of your personality, and your natural, everyday self into the exchange. Injecting more of your own, unique energy and style into a cold call can make your telemarketing efforts much more profitable.

In the past, I found that I had a tendency to keep my own cold calling too tightly focused and limited to only the topics at hand. I avoided getting involved in too much chit-chat and stayed only in areas that I felt competent to discuss. I've since learned that the long-term problem with this approach is that it was boring-- and boredom can result in burn out!

But, if you are willing to disclose a little of your true self in these telemarketing communications, you can make these calls fun and even interesting. As a result, you'll tend to end calls less quickly and have a better chance to meet your cold calling objectives.

As is so often the case in other forms of communication, the reluctance (such as fear of public speaking, writer

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