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Sales Strategies
The Power of Solution Development
By Bernard M. Aller, Managing Partner, CustomerCentric Selling® - Mid Atlantic

Sales is, to a large extent, nothing more than hurt and rescue Before you can help the buyer create a vision of themselves already in possession of, and using, the capability to achieve a goal that you can provide, some set-up work should be done to make the vision more emotional and vivid.

If you want to have some fun, try this powerful exercise. Think of the person who, in the entire world, loves you the most ... the one person who sees none of your faults and whose love for you is unconditional. It may be your mother, your spouse, or a significant other. The next time you see them, within a 1 minute period of time, tell them, "You need to do this. And in addition, you need to do that. And also you need to do this one other thing." If you happen to be standing in front of them at the time, to make your point even more emphatic, point your finger at them when telling them what they need to do for you. After ducking to avoid being hit by a sharp flying object, please call me and tell me how it went.

While this exercise may seem silly, I am amazed by the number of sales people who, when a prospect tells them about a purchase that they are considering, respond with, "You need to look at my product." Think about it ... if the person who loves you the most won't take a "you need", what kind of reaction will you get from a prospect who doesn't know you from Adam and has probably had bad experiences with sale people in the past?

Two Types of Sales People

Based on my experiences over the years, there are two basic types of sales people. The typical salesperson has a tendency to offer opinions during a sales call. Their natural eagerness to sell their product pushes them to try and introduce every feature of their product that may, in any way, address the perceived problem that the prospect may have. The challenge here is that unsolicited opinions have a tendency to invite contradiction

Bernard Aller is the Managing Partner CustomerCentric Selling® - Mid Atlantic. CustomerCentric Selling® provides the Sales and Marketing team with a repeatable, scalable sales process that is designed to align with the way sophisticated organizations buy. He may be contacted at 410-730-4747 or

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