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Selling Tactics
Your Personal Action Plan
By Timothy F. Bednarz, PhD, American Management Development Group

Most sales are achieved by thorough planning and preparation.

Sales people who have a tendency to wing it and manage their territory in their heads are less effective that they think. Many are proud of their ability to manage their professional affairs in this manner, but they tend to miss many things and fail to follow a action plan to achieve their objectives. During good economic times, the elevated level of sales masks many problems which are readily apparent when an downturn occurs.

The most effective sales people follow documented action plans that guide their activities and assist them to achieve their objectives.

If you want to improve your performance, before you finish your work today, there are two things you should do:

1. Write Down Three Objectives to Accomplish Tomorrow. Three objectives a day will help you to progress on a regular basis. Anymore than three and you'll get bogged down.

2. Write Down One Objective for Each Sales Call for Tomorrow. Too often we walk into a sales call without a specific objective. More often our objective is "to see how things are going" or "to find out if you need to order something."

Implication to the Sales Person

Setting objectives at the end of the day allows you to focus on what needs to be done. Your mindset is already in a work mode and focused on what needs to be accomplished. If you wait until the morning, you


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