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Selling Tactics
Buiding Upon Your Success
By Timothy F. Bednarz, PhD, American Management Development Group

Sales is a results oriented game. No other profession is as results oriented. There is no room to relax or slack off. You are judged by one single thing... Results!

Obsessed with results, many companies set impossible goals, objectives and quotas for their sales people. This tends to undermine the motivation of the sales rep, since they are frustrated by their inability to achieve and sustain the results the company desires.

IBM took another tact and built a highly successful sales strategy upon the principle, "Success builds success." They set small attainable goals for their sales force, which were easily obtainable. The sense of success achieved by the obtainment of each step made the next and subsequent steps easier to attain.

Implications to the Sales Person

Sales people are often overwhelmed by the expectations placed upon them by their managers and customers alike. Goals that are too ambitious can prove to be stressful and unattainable. This leads to frustration, failure and a lack of motivation.

Many sales people are so focused on their responsibilities they don


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