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Selling Tactics
Beat That Objection
By Timothy F. Bednarz, PhD, American Management Development Group

Objections are a way of life for all sales reps. How often have we been stopped in our tracks by an unexpected objection? Most objections are caused by the sales person who is attempting to force the sale. Perhaps they have failed to properly initially qualify the prospect or they are attempting to short circuit the sale.

Implications to the Sales Person

The following steps will allow you to maintain your poise and emotion as well as personal control. It focuses your energies on solving the problem and moving forward with the sale. The key is to clarify and isolate the issues so you are able to resolve them and move the process forward.

The Application

1. Repeat the objection back to the prospect as you understand it.

2. Break the objection into smaller parts. Isolate the objection and identify any other concerns. This allows you to move through any smoke screens.

3. Once isolated, narrow the objections down and then have your prospect commit that these are the actual objections. Reconfirm this with them verbally.

4. Pre-close your response. If you have successfully answered their objection, they should feel good about your product and service and be willing to move forward with the buying process. Have the prospect agree to your answer. Again reconfirm this verbally.

5. Clearly and concisely answer the objection.

6. Obtain an agreement with your prospect. Have your prospect reconfirm they agree with the solution you have crafted and state the objection no longer exists.

7. Continue your sales presentation or move to close the sale.

Something to Think About

Objections are commonplace in sales. With this in mind, consider the following points:

1. What is your typical response to an objection? Explain. Is it successful?

2. How do you manage to remove emotion from the need to address objections? Explain.

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