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SEO Can't Do It Alone
By Nick Stamoulis, President and Founder, Brick Marketing

Sites that develop multi-faceted campaigns are much more likely to succeed. SEO is only one piece of a strong online marketing campaign.

SEO is not the magic solution to all of your Internet marketing woes. While SEO is an incredibly important and very necessary component of your online marketing campaign, it is by no means the only thing you need to be worrying about. The best SEO campaigns are actually integrated with other online marketing tactics; sites that develop multi-faceted campaigns are much more likely to succeed. 

Here are 3 other types of online marketing a company would be wise to develop alongside their SEO:

Content Marketing

The search engines thrive on content. Search spiders read your webpage content to determine which search queries your site is a good match for. Visitors to your site read your webpage content and decide if they want to do business with your company. Your target audience reads the blog posts and articles you put, which help to build your online brand presence, builds your industry authority and creates multiple touch points to connect to your brand with. Content is arguably one of the most important things a site owner can do to help ensure their long term online marketing success.

Content is anything that is public and shareable, meaning a content marketing campaign can take on many forms. You can write blogs, articles and whitepapers. Produce a video or record a podcast, host a webinar or develop an infographic. What kind of content works best for your brand? What kind of content does your target audience want?

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and SEO go hand-in hand. First off, every time someone shares a piece of your content on a social networking site they are providing your site with a valuable inbound link. Secondly, the search engines look at social signals to determine the value of a webpage. The more times it is tweeted/Liked/shared/posted/bookmarked/etc the more valuable it becomes in the eyes of the search engines and the better it will rank. Social networking sites are the perfect places to promote and distribute your blogs/articles/videos and more. It gives your network a reason to interact with your brand and helps you build a loyal online community of brand enthusiasts.

Studies have shown that people who engage with your brand on social networking sites are more likely to become brand ambassadors and repeat customers.

Social profiles can also rank individually in the search engines, increasing your branded online presence.


Site owners often try to determine which approach is better; launching an SEO campaign or allocating most of the budget to PPC. In reality, it

Nick Stamoulis has 12 years of SEO and SEM experience and is the Founder of the SEO firm, Brick Marketing. Nick Stamoulis writes daily in his blog the Search Engine Optimization Journal and publishes a weekly SEO newsletter read by over 127,000 readers.

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