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Sales Coaching: Focus on Your Voice
By Bert Martinez, "The Emotional Engineer"

Maybe it is something you never thought of before, but the tone of voice is a point often raised in sales training

Would you believe that many things are involved in making the sale? Dialogue, timing, creating a sense of urgency, and others take part in the success of the sale. The tone of your voice is another integral piece of the puzzle. In person, body language, facial expressions, and other visual cues can help with the sale, but when relating to candidates on the phone, your voice is their prime focus. Consider the following sales coaching tips to get better results.

Maybe it is something you never thought of before, but the tone of voice is a point often raised in sales training. Does it symbolize confidence and assurance? Does it reflect anxiety and fear? Whether you are aware or not, your tone is reflexive of your attitude. It may be difficult to hear oneself; ask a coworker to offer you some assessment. In addition, call them on the phone and perform several 'mock' sales calls.

Accentuating certain words and phrases and changing the inflection of your voice can have an impact on a call. A sales trainer will say to make sure the key points of the conversation are accentuated for the purpose of emphasis. Without changing inflection, the listener may grow bored or receive your phone call as one, long-drawn sentence.

Confidence comes with practice.
Even if you think you're confident in your product or service, it may be difficult to portray that confidence once you have a listener on the phone. Oftentimes, we think about what we are saying rather than letting our words and thoughts come to us naturally. Practice your delivery over and over again until sounding natural is a regular occurrence.

It is hard to fake excitement and confidence. You must truly know your product or service. Secondly, you must really believe that what you're selling can benefit the potential buyer. A sales coach will tell you that you are in the wrong job if you would not believe your own sales pitch. If you cannot convince yourself, you will never do a great job of convincing others of your product or service.

Attend sales training seminars, hire a sales coach, or ask about attending related workshops. Most times, a boss will be happy an employee is showing initiative and inquiring about improving their craft. Sales consulting can improve the talent you already maintain. Even a few sessions could provide you with lifetime tips and an extra sense of confidence that can set you apart from other salespeople.

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