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Beliefs That Limit a Salesperson
By Dave Kahle, The Growth Coach®

Your job is not to impose your opinions on the customer's behavior; it is to meet the customer's needs with solutions that fit the customer's situation.

The Role of Beliefs in Limiting Behavior

As a sales trainer, I often confront a difficult obstacle that stands in the way of developing more effective salespeople. Too often salespeople are hindered by limiting beliefs that prevent them from implementing the best practices, principles and processes that can multiply their results. They remain bound by internal barriers of their own conception.

Here's an example. A Customer Service Representative wants to move to outside sales. He was good at his job of reacting to whoever was on the other end of the phone line and responding effectively to the request of all the customers. As a result, he forms the belief that success is a matter of responding effectively to everyone. He's moved into outside sales, where he naturally brings along that belief. In that new position, he continues to operate on the basis of that belief, responding effectively to everyone who has a request for him. As a result, he finds himself spending inordinate amounts of time with small and needy customers, and very little time with larger, more sophisticated and higher potential customers. And as a result of that, his sales are mediocre, although he feels fulfilled.

This example illustrates just one of many beliefs that limit the productivity of salespeople. Many of these self-limiting beliefs are so subtle that they operate beneath the level of consciousness, supporting some behaviors and preventing others without the salesperson's conscious awareness. In order to unleash the salesperson to higher levels of productivity, these beliefs must be recognized, challenged and changed.

"I must believe in a product in order to sell it."

I can't tell you how many times I've heard this. I hear it frequently from new salespeople, and occasionally from more experienced reps. It is often pronounced with a bit of a smug, self-righteous attitude and projects the air that this is the last word on the subject

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