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Brand Marketing
How to Get Your New Company Known
By Ken Wisnefski, President,

A new company needs to let the world know about them. Generating a buzz about your company is a way of beginning to build your brand.

It is not easy to be a new business. You may have a great business model, fantastic employees, and insatiable drive, but part of the process of becoming a success is getting the rest of the world to know about it. The undertaking of 'paving your way to fame' is referred to in the business world as building your brand.

What is a brand? It is the emotional connections and associations your customers make in relation to your company name, logo, and related information. Your brand is how you will be distinguished amongst your competitors, and throughout your industry.

The following article relates tips on how to make a buzz about your brand to solidify your company into the public mind.

Know your customers

Every company has their targeted market in mind before they begin running the business. It is important to get into the mind of your targeted market. What do they need? What do they want? Why would they want to buy your product?

You need to answer the above questions in order to understand what will drive them to become steady customers, and then you can align your marketing efforts accordingly.

Be resourceful

Organize ways to promote your products/services. Smaller companies have leveled the playing field in recent years by making a presence on the Web. A web designer can make you a Web site in order to get in the game, and a search engine optimization service can increase your rankings on the search engines.

A marketing service can provide you with ideas to attract more attention to your products/services and a sales consultant can train your team to capitalize on leads.

There are many services available to a business just beginning in their industry. Become knowledgeable of your options and exercise them.

Get out there

It is advantageous to get out in the public eye and make a buzz for your business. Whether it is representatives or the executives, a company's members can become the living personification of their brand.

There are many things a member of your company can do to enter the public eye:
  • Construct a tradeshow display and attend a show
  • Become a public speaker on company related issues
  • Become a member of a community such as the chamber of commerce
  • Compose a weekly blog providing information on your industry
  • Attend seminars within your industry
Public Relations

A new company needs help in their efforts to build their brand. Some new companies hire particular people to run their public relations, or they outsource and hire a public relations service. Individuals in public relations are trained to generate a buzz around your company and its products/services. They understand how to attract interest and how to reach existing as well as new markets. The job of the public relations department is to devote full-time attention to building your brand so the rest of the company can focus their attention on other areas of the business.

Kenneth C. Wisnefski is the president of, an online business to business marketplace that connects business consumers with pre-approved vendors in over 150 different categories. has over 5,000 vendors in their Approved Vendor Network and processes close to 10,000 requests per month from businesses of all sizes.

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