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Brand Marketing
Building Your Name's Fame
By Ken Wisnefski, President,

Do you want to become a household name?  Consumers gravitate towards the names they hear and recognize.

Competition in business is fierce. Smaller companies need to put in the effort to compete with the larger companies. Consumers gravitate towards names they know; that is why it is of great importance to brand your business and its goods/services.

The following article is structured to present you with ideas to better brand your business in order to gain the acclaim your business deserves.

Your values

It is not just about what "sounds" good to the customers; you have to find the voice of your business. What does your company value? What are your aspirations? What does your company represent? Each company will be different, even those of the same industry with similar business models. Size, location, employees, executives, etc. all individually add to the nature of your business and affect your holistic values.

Mission statement

All companies must have a mission statement. Mission statements address "why" your company exists and your future aspirations. Take a while to work with the words and come up with something that accurately describes your business. These words are to become the mantra of your business.

Your customers

What is your target market? What type of consumer would make your ideal client? Your mission statement will allow you to better understand what customers you will serve. Many businesses become so avaricious that they attempt to serve everyone. This will only lower your standards for excellence because no matter what goods and services you provide, they will not be ideal for everyone. Craft and perfect your goods/services for your target market.

Emotional rescue

You need to create a marketing campaign that is emotionally-charged. Create an issue or problem that your target market can relate to, and then present your goods/services as the solution. The more debilitating the problem and the more relatable it is to the consumer, the higher the sense of need will be for your product/service. How is your product/service going to improve the consumer's life?

Above and beyond

Success takes commitment and effort. Your company will not be the only entity offering goods/services, so what will make the consumer buy from you rather than a competitor? It is necessary to create an experience for the consumer starting from the advertising, continued to the interaction with salespeople, to the final purchase processes and beyond.

Be consistent

Every step your business takes should unwaveringly reflect your mission statement and company values. It is important to give the consumers a consistent association towards your company and goods/products. Be conscious of every detail of your marketing and public relations strategies; to efficiently brand yourself, the same, consecutive message must be presented.

Don't hesitate to change

It may seem antithetical to other insights aforementioned, but do not be hesitant to change with the times or your target market. You may want to expand upon who your company is or what you want to be after existing for a period of time. Change is inevitable, so it is important for your company to keep a keen eye on your consumers and their needs. Change does not insinuate contradicting your former self, change is about evolution. Long-term success involves evolving with the times.

Kenneth C. Wisnefski is the president of, an online business to business marketplace that connects business consumers with pre-approved vendors in over 150 different categories. has over 5,000 vendors in their Approved Vendor Network and processes close to 10,000 requests per month from businesses of all sizes.

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