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Web Development
Make Your Website Sell
By Debra Murphy, Masterful Marketing

You should use a clear call to action on every page of your web site and interspersed in the copy. Don't leave the path to a sale up to the visitor

Many people treat their web site as a marketing brochure - lots of information on your company, products and services - but little on what you want your visitors to do. Even with a great design, good product or service information, and easy navigation to help visitors find what they are looking for, you are missing an opportunity if your web site structure and content is not telling them what you want them to do.

Your web site is an effective sales tool for many reasons:
  • Easy to access from anywhere
  • Easy to update with new information
  • Can be used to collect leads
  • Can offer interactive sales presentations from the comfort of your office
  • Can present the image you want your prospects to see
In addition to providing a good image and information about your company, your web site can be developed so that it sells for you.

Leading the Visitor

Your web site needs to lead your visitors through the site with the purpose of helping them decide to call you or buy from you. If you let the visitor wander aimlessly without clear paths, you run the risk of them getting confused, frustrated and leaving. Web site visitors are amazingly impatient. If they don

Debra Murphy is founder of Masterful Marketing, a marketing coaching firm that empowers small business owners and independent professionals to take control of their marketing to get better results. She helps you change how you think about your business and put activities into motion that attract your ideal client. She started Masterful Marketing to ensure small business owners had access to the knowledge available to larger companies so they could live their dreams and build a business around their passions. Although her knowledge of marketing covers all the traditional channels, she specializes in online and social media marketing to make sense of it all to those who want to use it to effectively market their businesses.

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