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Time Management
How to Make your Vacation Profitable
By Ken Wisnefski, President,

It is possible to mix business with pleasure. Most people will not like the idea of using their vacation time for business purposes, but it can make a difference in your overall productivity

Do you know those days that we should be at the office, but we are on the beach? Those days we are still sleeping when the alarm should be going off? Yes, I mean vacation days. They come few and far between, but most of us get around to taking some days off during the work year.

Many people will relish the opportunity to be physically and mentally as far away from work as possible during vacation. This is not abnormal, but expected; but vacation time can be a time to do some work. Work during vacation?! Read on - it is not as laborious as you might think.

Use your time wisely

There are many minutes in a day - if you can allocate your time wisely, you can balance work and leisure. Your mind will be more at ease on vacation, and ironically, this might be a great time to think about business. The following are some actions to take on behalf of business while taking some time off from the office

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