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The Tangled Web of Online Marketing
By Ken Wisnefski, President,

Who is in control of online marketing?  The advertiser?  The buyers?  Is it the Web?!

Who is in control of marketing? There was once a time when bright-eyed salespeople would knock upon your door and show you the latest in cleaning supplies, cosmetics, cutlery, etc. The advertiser was physically present. Next, came the days of phone calls, television prompts, yellow pages, and radio alerts; advertisers took a step back, but were still present and in control.

Tangled Up

The days of Web marketing came, and the tides turned. Consumers began calling the shots. The presence of search engines enabled buyers to virtually ask for what they wanted with taps of the keyboard. All of a sudden, the juggernauts of the industries and Timmy the teenager down the block were on the same results page offering their goods and services. It became anybody

Kenneth C. Wisnefski is the president of, an online business to business marketplace that connects business consumers with pre-approved vendors in over 150 different categories. has over 5,000 vendors in their Approved Vendor Network and processes close to 10,000 requests per month from businesses of all sizes.

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