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Web Marketing
Use Social Media Sites to Improve your Ratings
By Ken Wisnefski, President,

Sites need traffic coming to their site.  There are services such as search engine optimization and pay-per-click, but they can become expensive.  Social media sites are viewed everyday by mass numbers.  They can be leveraged in order to bring a lot of browsers to your site.

Sites want traffic coming to their site.  There are many ways to achieve this feat.  Search Engine Optimization companies provide suggestions and do legwork to attract visitors.  Pay-per-click advertising makes your ads more noticeable in regards to specific keywords and phrases.  Both of these services are useful, but there are ways (free of charge) to attract traffic.

Social media sites have huge numbers of fans.  Getting a piece of content on the front pages of these sites will bring browsers to your site.  It is important to know how to approach the site in order to become popular with its readership.

The following article provides information on the top social media sites:


After establishing a digg account, users submit content and others in the community read the articles and vote for ones they like the best.
  • Reputation is everything on digg.  The popular authors get votes based on their reputation regardless of its content.  
  • Submit frequently and provide comments to become part of the community and recognizable.
  • Most of the users enjoy tech savvy articles.  Any information relating to the Web and technology is popular with the readership.  Study these areas and create an article on a pertinent topic.

This site is most useful if you have an informational resource linked to your own site.  It is not a platform for self-advertising; your popularity will grow based on others

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