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Barbarians At The Gate
By Naseem Javed, President, ABC Namebank

What is in store for the future of United States with a weak science and math education policy PLUS a  immigration policy that rejects engineering and science graduates and foreign professionals who seek to enter the US ?

Like scenes from a never-ending story, where there in endless halls and huge chambers, dark robes and heavy cloaks slide, stern men in attire ready to quip and stab gather, a decorum of strained hostilities and false grins, and somewhere there, they greet the wizard of the century, the one who pauses, takes a posture and then sharply raises his voice and addresses the chamber: "Sire, your children are in trouble, failing in education while you are shutting doors on highly skilled magicians from far away lands

Naseem Javed, author of Naming for Power and also Domain Wars is recognized as a world authority on Name Identities and Domain Issues and he is the President of ABC Namebank ( ) with offices in New York & Toronto. e-Mail him your URLs or current business names for a complimentary evalution. This analysis is serious business, so please identitfy your job title and background information on your company and the use of that name. All correspondence is confidential. e-mail:

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