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Sales Strategies
Using Technology As Leverage To Improve Sales
By Ken Wisnefski, President,

Effective use of the technology available today will keep your business on the cutting-edge and produce more sales.

Over the last forty years business has embraced technology as an effective tool. More recently, the world of business has quickly acclimated itself to technology and used technology's resources to an advantage. Technology has facilitated communications, ameliorated the foresight of projections, and most certainly accelerated the progress of producing higher sales. The multitude of different technological instruments has complemented old-fashioned business know-how in a major way.

The Simple Technological Pleasures

Technology has come such a long way in the business world that some of the simpler, yet advantageous entities are not as appreciated as they once were. Doing business outside of the local calling area will warrant a toll-free phone service and in conjunction with the immediate locale, basic phone lines are needed. To supplement these devices, a fax machine and connection to the Internet will come in handy.

If you are a businessperson who does not remain stationary during the business day, there are technological conveniences that allow you to travel and stay plugged-in to your business. Cell phones and laptop computers with wireless connections have quickly become inseparable with the world of business. A businessperson can improve their sales by effectively using emails to generate more business and business contacts. Portable printers and digital cameras are also friendly gadgets to the businessperson who tends to conduct their business away from the office and needs to receive and send information that will later culminate in a sale.

Using Email To Your Advantage

Indeed it is a reality to convert your emails into sales, but it is not that easy if you are going to be lazy and lackadaisical. There is an intricately crafted grace that goes into orchestrating an email and the information here contained will help you procure your talents further. People and businesses can get a large number of emails a day, so you do not want be addressed in the same manner as spam. Good things take time; invest your time in constructing emails wisely, and you will see tremendous results. Here is a checklist you should follow for writing effective sales emails:
  • It all starts with a direct and captivating headline. You want the recipient to open the email and it starts with a topnotch header.
  • Begin the email with the most important information first and then lead into secondary information.
  • You want to make a distinction between you and your competitor. Why should they use your product/service and not theirs?
  • Avoid writing in first person. If you want it to be more personable use "we" in referring to your business.
  • In converse to what was just stated, do address the recipient in first person. This will make it seem that you are not just attempting to make a sale, but you are taking the time to personally address them.
  • Keep your sentences short and succinct. The attention span for reading an email is generally short due to the high number people receive.
  • You want to enchant the reader, so every line should compel them to go on to the next.
  • Your product or service is going to be useful to the potential consumer, so present them a problem and explain how your product or service is the solution.
  • If your company has some statistics that are outstanding, weaving them in somewhere can't hurt to ameliorate credibility.
  • Make sure that you clearly have all of your contact information plainly seen on the email; you are a reputable business with nothing to hide.
  • If your email entails announcement of a sale, then make sure that there is a sense of exigency attached to the email, as if they will be missing out on something extraordinary.
Sales Related Software

Just as important as the technological equipment is the software a business chooses to align itself with. A great business needs to foster excellent public relations. After all, a business would be nothing without their clientele. Customer Relationship Management or CRM, is a resource that any successful business is very familiar with. CRM aids businesses in managing their relationships with their customers in an organized and effective way. Valued customers are targeted and identified, leads are generated, marketing is planned and executed, and individualized rapport is established to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction in utilizing CRM software.

The retention and generation of clients is paramount to any business. CRM software collects and sorts information into databases that can be manipulated by the business in order to relate to existing and new markets. Categories of clientele and their behaviors are closely monitored for the benefit of both the business and the valued customer. The CRM process is ongoing, so when the tempo of the available market shifts, your businesses insight will tailor itself to meet the change for a perfect fit.

Web Use In Sales

The Internet represents an integral and vastly growing medium for business sales. It is projected by 2010, $11 billion consumer dollars will be invested in buying products and services from the Internet. The presence of your business on the Internet is a priceless enterprise and there are many ways to use that attendance to procure sales. If your business is not capitalizing on the Web, it is safe to assume the competition is.

The Web can be a resourceful in-house tool as well. The development of an intranet for your business will facilitate collaboration, the development of ideas, and the execution of existing products and services. The Web opens the doors to conduct online meetings with clients and colleagues, make use of sales demos and instruction, and to administer research to further generate sales.

The extension of business out-of-house onto the Web also has tremendous sales implications. Utilizing the potential for marketing your business to invoke sales is an attraction for all types of businesses. Outsourcing has become a very lucrative trend in business, and the help of business-to-business liaisons will be a stellar expedient. These entities will provide insight and quotes to link you to other businesses that can provide the needs for your business that cannot be conducted in-house. Such companies can also generate more leads, which will mean more sales and money for your business. Online forums and business-to-business communities are also available online and can provide your business with useful information and feedback.


Effective use of the technology available today will keep your business on the cutting-edge and produce more sales. The trend in business is to do things bigger, faster, and more efficiently than the competitor. Business acumen is not enough these days; insight needs to be supplemented with technology. The dawn of the 21st century has been met with great strides in the technological field spanning into many facets of our lives and making life easier and more interesting. Business has not and will not be the same as these new inventions and implements has changed the game. Be sure that your business has the right equipment and knows how to use them in order to engage.

Kenneth C. Wisnefski is the president of, an online business to business marketplace that connects business consumers with pre-approved vendors in over 150 different categories. has over 5,000 vendors in their Approved Vendor Network and processes close to 10,000 requests per month from businesses of all sizes.

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