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"On my honor, as a salesperson . . ." Why sales ethics matter
By Andrew Rudin, CEO, Outside Technologies, Inc.

Ethical lapses can irreparably undermine the best business plans, corporate reputations, and brand building.

Which business risk represents the greatest threat to shareholder value: Natural disasters? Product defects? Piracy? Patent infringement? Lack of ethical boundaries?

If you answered lack of ethical boundaries, you are right. The massive collapse of market capitalization at Tyco, Worldcom, and Enron underscore the grave dangers posed to shareholder value when employees lack an ethical compass. The cumulative decline in market capitalization resulting from fraud at these three companies was $136 billion, according to Public Citizen's Congress Watch. While other risks can impact shareholder value, ethics violations have proven particularly damaging. Why do they continue to occur? Have dishonest business practices become so commonplace that the serious issues behind such clich

Andy Rudin is the CEO of Outside Technologies, a sales mangement consultantcy. His company helps clients generate more revenue through outsourced sales . For more information on the services offered visit Andy can be reached at 703.371.1242 or

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