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B2B Marketing: Drive Leads & Sales With A
By M. H. "Mac" McIntosh, President, Mac McIntosh Incorporated

I think most business-to-business marketers should aim for

Because aiming for perfection, in addition to being nearly impossible to achieve, results in your marketing campaigns and materials spending far too much time in the concept and development stages, causes significant delays in delivering your lead generating messages to prospective customers. Or worse, your marketing messages never get delivered at all.

With all this in mind, here are some ideas and resources to consider for your marketing:
  • Instead of constantly re-inventing the marketing wheel, consider re-purposing or refreshing your existing materials.
  • The reasons someone should engage your company are often the same as in the past, so why not update the marketing materials that were successful in the past. We are usually sick of our marketing materials long before they stop working with our prospects.
  • Instead of trying to come up with oh-so-clever copy, focus on crafting clear, well-targeted headlines and messages, which offer real solutions to your prospective customers

    M. H. "Mac" McIntosh is described by many as America's leading authority on inquiry handling and sales lead management. He is president of Mac McIntosh Incorporated, a sales and marketing consulting firm specializing in helping companies get more high-quality sales leads and turn them into sales. To request a free subscription to his newsletter, Sales Lead Report, contact him at: Mac McIntosh, Inc., 601 Pendar Rd. North Kingstown, RI 0-2852-6620 Phone: 800-944-5553 or 401-294-7730. Fax: 800-944-5513. Email: Web:

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