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Marketing Concepts
Dropping the Ball
By Michelangelo Celli, President, The Cornucopia Group

CEOs need to develop focus and vision where it makes the most sense, because it's impossible to catch a ball that you can't even see.

When it comes to marketing, most CEOs at B2B companies make lousy catchers, and even worse pitchers.

It's tough to find a CEO that really loves to talk about marketing. Business owners, presidents, and CEOs pack into sales seminars, but similar marketing events are filled only with marketing directors and marketing VPs, with few CEOs in sight. And yet, in which area of the business do you think the CEOs are dumping more money without a measurable return, marketing or sales?  

Typically, most CEOs have solved the sales puzzle to some degree or they wouldn

Michelangelo Celli is President of The Cornucopia Group, where he works exclusively with CEOs of privately-held b2b companies that sell expensive products or services and whose sales depend on strong customer relationships to allow them to systematically develop more predictable outcomes from their marketing and sales efforts. To find out more, visit The Cornucopia Group Web site at

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